Power to the People the Remixes

Power to the People the Remixes

Label: Rottun Recordings

Release date: 2015-07-27

Catalog number: ROTD176

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Power to the People the Remixes
Power to the People the Remixes
Various Artists


Hot on the heels of his success with ‘Bring The Madness’ and ‘Katana’, Mayor Apeshit stepped into his studio with fellow Hiphop MCs and vocalists to bust out a full album of bass music inspired hip-hop called ‘Power To The People’. Mayor produced the entire album himself and once it was finalized, he called in friends from the bass community to give each track a proper remix treatment. This Power To The People Remix album features some of the hottest and brightest producers making noise in the scene right now.

1. Mayor Apeshit – “Black and Blue feat Nikita Esco (Dack Janiels Remix)”
2. Mayor Apeshit – “Taliban (Terravita Remix)”
3. Mayor Apeshit – “Feel My Energy feat Bloodsport (Rise At Night Remix)”
4. Mayor Apeshit – “Until The World Burns feat Reks (Erotic Cafe’ Remix)”
5. Mayor Apeshit – “Set Me Free feat Dani D (AFK Remix)”
6. Mayor Apeshit – “9mm & A Rollie feat Bloodsport (Kennedy Jones Remix)”
7. Mayor Apeshit – “Brain On The Autobahn’ feat DJ Lord (Ryle Remix)”
8. Mayor Apeshit – “Better Pay Up feat GermFree (Rekoil Remix)”
9. Mayor Apeshit – “Win This War” feat Dani D (KJ Sawka Remix)”
10. Mayor Apeshit – “Brain On The Autobahn feat DJ Lord (The Unik Remix)”
11. Mayor Apeshit – “Supaman feat Less On (Starkey Remix)”

Artists: Dack Janiels, Terravita, Rise At Night, Erotic Cafe’, AFK, Kennedy Jones, Ryle, Rekoil, KJ Sawka, The Unik, Starkey, Mayor Apeshit, Nikita Esco, Bloodsport, Reks, Dani D, DJ Lord, GermFree, Less-On

RELEASE DATE: July 27, 2015
LABEL: Rottun Recordings

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